About Me:

Just a Spoonie sharing my life experiences, my journey, publishing articles and/or poems, and living this life one spoon at a time. I want to share; my stories, wellness recipes, humor, love and HOPE with you.

I hope you join me on this journey! Want to know something about me, or how I work my whole person wellness recovery, just ask. I am here for you. Keep in mind, I have limited spoons, so be gentle when it might sometimes take me longer to reply.

We can’t do this alone. Let’s stand together and create the world we envision for ourselves, one kind word at a time.

With Love,

Confessions of an Anonymous Spoonie

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If my journey was a playlist🎶🦋🎶🦋🎶🦋

The below-mentioned Artists, songs, words; have impacted or represented my journey thus far. Music; Inspires me, speaks to my soul, helps me accept myself and my path, be in the moment, love myself, to grow & evolve, feel a deep connection, be in tune with my spirit, helps me find inner-peace… and guides me in … Continue reading If my journey was a playlist🎶🦋🎶🦋🎶🦋

Peer Recovery Coach: Check-In ✔

Are you, or someone you may know, dealing with chronic pain? – DM. Anyone battling something, that requires daily energy & struggle, that needs a safe place to talk, DM! 🌟 Whole Person Wellness Peer Recovery Coach, here 🙋🏼🦄 I have 20 years experience with chronic pain and illness. The last 5 in recovery. And … Continue reading Peer Recovery Coach: Check-In ✔

Whole wellness: – minus the labels

I am NOT my; Age Gender Race Religion Beliefs Background Job Title/my relationships Bank account Disability Chronic Illness Addiction Trauma Insecurities Character traits Emotions Past Potential Dreams Fears Hopes Wishes Goals I am: ALL of those things and more… Why do we label ourselves or put one another in boxes? Why do we judge, hate, … Continue reading Whole wellness: – minus the labels

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