Whole wellness: – minus the labels


I am NOT my;

Title/my relationships
Bank account
Chronic Illness
Character traits

I am: ALL of those things and more…

Why do we label ourselves or put one another in boxes?

Why do we judge, hate, blame, criticize, hurt, and belittle ourselves or others because of the content inside our boxes?


We are NOT better than or less than, no matter the circumstances behind us. All human beings are created equal. When did we forget to continually practice kindness on a fundamental level that everyone who comes into our lives deserves from us? #KindnessWarrior #KindnessIsFree #LoveIsTheAnswer


We just have different; stories, bodies, reactions, experiences, views, values, purposes, souls and journeys.


Why can’t we just spread awareness, love, kindness, compassion, empathy, tolerance, honesty, patience, motivation, inspiration, support, joy, happiness, open-mindedness, trust. Let’s have real, deep and honest communcations with love. 


Step out of the the boxes! Smash the labels and stigmas! Stop the judgment! Your journey will not look like everyone else’s. Take charge of your own wellness recovery.


Address ALL of the boxes you have in your self-core inventory.

Spend time taking care of all parts of self. What worked for you in the past, may not work today. Be in-tune with yourself enough to know what you need to address. Then take the necessary positive actions to strengthen, change, evolve, retire or transistion as needed. It’s like a pendulam that you need to keep balanced but one of self.  


Whole person wellness recovery Rx: A Spoonie Life Coach’s receipe  
Essentials to live by…

1) Not everyone will like you. It’s not your business what others think of you.
2) If you don’t have anything kind to say, say nothing. Do NO harm with your words.
3) Have boundaries; for yourself and others!!!
4) Create the environment/world you dream of. It all starts with one person, one thought, one action, one word, one step.
5) Work on yourself before you complain about others. What bothers you is your issues, not theirs.
6) You are not alone. Whatever you may experience, others have survived and transformed their lives. Find them and ask for help or how they did it.
7) Strive to continually learn, evolve, heal, and share. Get out of your comfort zone.
8) Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Love is always the solution. Love of others and of self.❤
9) Change is possible. It just takes action. Though I only seem to grow the most during painful times. My joyous times, are a different kind of growth.
Some times things have to break before they can be fixed. That’s how steal is forged.
10) Be a light in the darkness to others. Show others how it can be done. Uplift others and help them achieve what you’ve experienced. Hope, joy, love, kindness… These things are contagious and free. Be generous in the viral spread of such amazing things. The world needs more.


Until next time…

With Love & spoons,

Confessions of an Anonymous Spoonie

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