Boundaries and Self-care = Rx

Hello everyone!

As  “Spoonies” we only have so many spoons (energy), upon any given day! So, if we are spending our spoons on things that don’t add value to our life, improve or benefit the life we are building, I challenge you to do an intense inner-reflection and see what you are your energy is focused on, and adjust accordingly.

Things I do and/or remind myself are:

1) Not everyone or every situation that comes into my life will be worthy of my spoons and energy.  Sometimes I just have to say NOPE, and keep moving forward with my goals and top 10 list.

2) On high pain days, limited brain focus or on physically challenging limiting days, I may need extra love and support from those in our life.

We are WARRIORS, don’t feel sorry for us, don’t pity us. These are not our weakest moments, but our strongest. If we let you see the battle we face, feel priviledged, for we are showing you how steal is forged. We have to fight harder than anything, to have a beautiful life, be active, social, think past the pain, and be there for the people in our lives.”

3) Boundaries are a vital aspect on how I stay in a positive mental state. They are there as guidelines and to communicate what I can and cannot handle on that day, and what help I may need to acomplish my goals.

4) Boundaires protect us, from fully depleating our energy reserves in hopes of accomplishing our list of things we need to do, or of helping and giving ourselves to others.

6) Self- Care – On hard days, the days the pain is intense and takes my breath away, I pick at least one intensive self-care item and make it an fully immersed experience, weither it’s a 5 minute or 60 minute activity.

“This morning I woke up sore and hurting but was not a #10 day, more like a #7 day, but because I have a ton of things to do, I set aside time for myself this morning, because I knew I needed extra care today. Today I was able to give myself an hour of self-care, other days I only have 10-30 minutes available. Don’t stress, pick a self-care activity that your schedule allows and pamper yourself. My self-care activity today was: Me listening to music therapy, aroma therapy, a bath that was hot enough to relax the muscles and did a hydro-energy massage on myself. I found myself meditating, picturing the pain leaving my body and strength entering it. I picture all my pain flowing down into the drain and back into the universe to be recycled as positive energy, for others who may also be battling. I send it their way.”

I get myself in the right mindset to enjoy the journey, because I’ve noticed when I do this, I have a much happier and more productive day. I am able to better make a difference and show up for life. So, I hope in sharing this with you, that whomever may be suffering, can take this formula and apply it to their daily routine and see if it helps them.

Be kind to yourself today Spoonies, treat yourself as you would a fellow warrior. Don’t think of this as a weakness, but as a strength.You battle with fire in your heart and soul and a smile on your face. Don’t hide the tears, if you need to, let them out, let them wash over you and open you to the pain. Breathe through the pain. Now, look at yourself in the mirror, take two fingers and wipe invisable war paint on your cheeks. You can do this. We will not let this steal our joy, happiness, our dreams. Think like a warrior, an athlete, someone who must succed at all costs and has to push themselves to keep achieving, no matter the state of their physical body.”

Spoonie Rx 

Take frequent breaks. Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to a song. Music has the power to heal us. Watch a video that inspires you.Watch a video that relaxes you. A meme that makes you smile. Invest in total wellness; your emotional health, mental health, nutritutional health, body fitness and alignment, as well as, your spiritual health. Make sure your core-being is balanced and aligned to where YOU feel strong enough to handle anything that may come your way today. Life without fear, set goals, reach your dreams, spread kindness in the world.

Love yourself, accept where you’re at, and enjoy the moments you encounter today!

Today’s video:

Until next time,

With love & spoons,



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