Whole wellness: – minus the labels

I am NOT my; Age Gender Race Religion Beliefs Background Job Title/my relationships Bank account Disability Chronic Illness Addiction Trauma Insecurities Character traits Emotions Past Potential Dreams Fears Hopes Wishes Goals I am: ALL of those things and more... Why do we label ourselves or put one another in boxes? Why do we judge, hate, … Continue reading Whole wellness: – minus the labels

How I became a Spoonie🥄

“Today is a high pain, low spoon, I need a hug kind of day physically. But in all other aspects of self; emotionally-mentally-spiritually, I am doing GREAT! Blurb about me: I want share; my stories and the best ways I manage my whole person recovery. I want to up-lift, motivate, inspire one another. To share … Continue reading How I became a Spoonie🥄

My Bud-tender, Annie saves lives

Give this lady a cape!!! Review of “Euphoria Wellness – and how it changed my life!”. Hello all, I’m new to the medical cannabis/CBD, whole wellness community. I was given a very warm welcome and cannot express what this experience as a whole has done for me, but I will try. No names will be … Continue reading My Bud-tender, Annie saves lives